About CSIS

CSIS (Centre for Sports Injury Surgery) offers a state of the art service in the diagnosis and management (operative and non-operative) of knee and ankle injuries. With a national network of physiotherapy partners we can offer comprehensive and standardised rehabilitation after injury or surgery. By focusing on knee and ankle injuries exclusively puts us in the position to deliver treatment and diagnostics to a very high standard in the management of lower limb injuries in sport at all levels including Premiership football. Experience and skills developed from treating elite athletes equip us also to deliver a high quality service to our non-sporting patients whose only aim is to enjoy an active lifestyle regardless of age.

How CSIS can help you:

Sports medicine was a term coined in the 1970’s for branches of medicine to treat the ailments and injuries of people involved in active sports participation.  Over the decades skills and tools have been developed to help the symptoms of anybody who leads an active lifestyle regardless of whether they participate in sport or not. 

If you believe you have a problem with a :

  • Joint
  • Ligament
  • Tendon
  • Muscle

disorder that is disrupting your active lifestyles, consult the patient information page of this site

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